PIR-01 Wireless Infrared Sensor

Infrared motion sensor activated when resident interrupt laser area and send signal to cordless monitor alerting caregiver - Smart Caregiver


New! Patented Technology

Instantly alerts caregiver before a resident gets out of bed. As soon as the resident swings their foot or leg off the edge of the bed, a wireless signal is sent to a Quiet CordLess® monitor in the hallway. The Infrared sensor has a very narrow and accurate field of detection; it’s almost like a curtain of protection alongside the bed.


No noise in room!

The Wireless Infrared Sensor is designed to work with the CordLess® Fall Monitor (TL-2100G). The monitor can be mounted away from the resident’s bed in the hall. The audible alert may be adjusted to be quiet or any desired volume. A bright blinking light can be easily seen down the hall providing a visual alert to caregiver.

No cords between sensor and monitor

Reduces tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled cords.




  • Simple, easy and highly effective.
  • Ideal early warning system for high fall risk residents.
  • Beam is highly focused to a narrow area.
  • Reduces false alarms.
  • Operates on 2-AA batteries

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