433MS-SYS Motion Sensor and Receiver – Caregiver Alarm

TL-2800 Motion Sensor

No Noise in Room!

The silent resident Exit Alarm eliminates noise at the bedside and instead, only alerts caregivers through the remote receiver.

Increases caregiver freedom!

This Portable Caregiver Alert package allows the caregiver to be in other parts of the house, attending to other activities, and still receive an alert when motion is detected.

Place it where you need it!

Place the Motion Sensor next to the bed or a doorway and when the sensor field is interrupted a signal is sent to the wireless alarm. The alarm monitor can be placed in the hallway outside the resident’s room or taken with the caregiver as a remote receiver to alert caregivers of resident activity.



-Setup is quick & easy!  Insert batteries & it’s ready to use

-Motion Sensor can be placed by bed or doorway

-Monitor to alarm range is up to 300 ft.

-Wall Mounting Accessories Included

-Monitor / Receiver:

-Battery Operated (3-C, Not Included)

-Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04)

-Motion Sensor:

-Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included)

-Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04)

Downloadable Content:

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