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  • Fall Monitor with Wireless signal to Pager – TL-2016
  • Wireless Nurse Call System  with Caregiver Paging
  • TL-2100G CordLess® Fall Monitor

Smart Caregiver Corporation

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Quiet Fall Prevention & Mobility Monitoring

Sensor Pads are placed on a bed or chair, under a resident at risk of fall or wandering. When resident gets up, the caregiver is notified remotely by many different options like: pagers, lights, audible monitors, etc.

It’s that simple!

Fall management. Our fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers prevent falls by early notification that a person at fall or elopement risk is about to get up and walk and/or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. We have specialized in fall management, fall prevention and mobility monitoring for over two decades. It’s what we do.

We have an entire catalog of fall prevention products to help caregivers keep their residents safe. Whether you’re a caregiver at home, a skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility who needs to have a quiet, audible and /or visual fall prevention solution, or a caregiver requiring notification that someone is wandering, we have a solution for you.

Our fall prevention products are simple, easy to use and do-it yourself. Meaning, we supply the products necessary to provide the level of fall management and fall prevention you may need.

The company was founded on one simple principle that is our mission:

“Smart Caregiver Corporation is committed to supplying the least expensive and best quality fall prevention monitors so that caregivers can afford the amount of monitors necessary to keep their residents safe.”

Timothy Long
Smart Caregiver Corporation
Founded in 1992

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Smart Caregiver Corporation is committed to providing high quality products at the lowest prices.

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