Wireless Motion Sensor 433-MS

Wireless Motion Sensor – 433-MS

Anti-Wandering Motion Sensor Alarm

 Caregiver Monitoring System - Anti-Wandering Motion Sensor - 433-MS Smart Caregiver

Wireless Motion Sensor for 433-CMU
The Smart Caregiver 433-MS Wireless Motion Sensor eliminates “in room” alarm noise. This anti-wandering motion sensors sends a signal to a pager and to the Smart Caregiver Central Monitoring Units. With the anti-wandering motion sensors you can maintain effective awareness of resident activities without having to use sensor pads, pull-string monitors or floor mats.

Anti-Wandering Motion sensors can be mounted next to the bed to detect movement of resident or by a doorway to monitor exit. A signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Unit to alert caregiver.
This Anti-Wandering Motion Sensor must be used with the 433-CMU or 433-EC Economy Central Unit

  • Eliminate in room alarm noise
  • Wireless Operation
  • Easy Monitoring