[TL-2100G] Quieter CordLess Fall Monitor

“The Smart Caregiver fall alarms started out as an aid to help with falling out of bed and wandering due to medication I started taking back in 2008.  Other alarms I used were easy to turn off and defeated the purpose of waking myself or my wife.

The TL-2100g cordless pads & monitor was the right product, but sending the monitor back to smart to remove the reset switch did the trick, leaving the alarm in tamper-proof mode always. With the new modification, once up the alarm sounded and only the key holder could shut it off.  That began the change of behaviors that I am not sure I can undo if I tried now.

The bed and chair pads have a loud chirping noise when neither pad is used.  As I  learned, just a safety alert that chirps at 90 db. It became easier to sit on the pads even when not required to hear the noise.  The key was always available when not required but DID let everyone know when I was up. It took time to get used to but was actually not a bad change.

The last item added was a pager which alerted when I immediately left the bed or chair.  That also again changed how I could behave.  Once off the pad, the pager sounded for 4560 seconds regardless of sitting right back on the pads.  The pads would stop alarming but not the pager.

After over five years of use I can I have not had one fall while using the smart caregiver system. I can also say in 5 years it has kept me safe regardless of how many times I have tried to bypass the security, it is tamperproof for the patient.” 

-Carolina’s – 4/5/17

Customer Service

“Hello Patricia,

I requested your email address from Shana so I could send you a note about how completely satisfied I am with her excellent customer service!

We have a very small Adult Foster Care for age 55+ in a remote area of Minnesota. When Paul started wandering outside to sit in people’s cars, we started getting worried about him. We have a Smart system in place tor the past 9 years or so and love it. Changed our lives! So when I found out that I could maybe get more parts to our existing system, I called Direct Supply and they referred me to Shana.

She has been totally awesome. Available by email, phone or text. Willing to help me out on a weekend because that was the only time I was available, even if it bit into her family time.

Last Sunday I was going to contact her so we could finalize the settings on the door bar system we’d been working with but Paul had a stroke on Saturday.

I’ll be sending the system back (and Shana has offered to help with that too!) but I know I can count on your company, and Shana especially, the next time a specialized need comes up.

Feel free to put this in her personnel file, She’s awesome!”

-Becky S. – 4/7/17

Hillhaven LLC

Grand Marais, MN

[WMBR1-SYS] TL-2016 With Pager and 10×30 Bed Pad, 1 Year Warranty

“My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. We must find an appropriate bed monitor to prevent falls when she tries to get out of bed. I just concluded a customer support phone call with Dave to ask about Smart Caregiver products. Allow me to express my sincere appreciation for Dave’s technical knowledge, patience, and courtesy as he answered all of my questions. Some of them were difficult and technical, but he knows your company’s products very well. It was a nearly ideal customer support phone call experience. I only wish that all customer support people could perform as well as Dave.”

-David S. – 3/9/17

[433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“Your product is GOLD! It’s already proved it’s value repeatedly.  I worry less about my mom forgetting to page me with another of your products – which works great, but she’s forgetting more and more.  The pads are AWESOME and I will recommend them to anyone I know dealing with a dementia patient!  Thank you!”

 -Satisfied Customer – 11/15/16

[EBR1-SYS] Fall Monitor with ON/OFF Switch & Bed Sensor Pad

“Very happy with the product.  I use it under my 87 yr. old mother who has been challenged by a stroke and can no longer walk.  It is security for me if I am in another room and she tries to exit the bed.”

-Satisfied Customer – 9/9/16

[BBR1-SYS] Basic Fall Monitor & Weight Sensing Bed Pad

“Just what I was looking for!  My husband is recovering from a stroke.  Easy to use and peace of mind when I am away from my husband’s room.” 

-Satisfied Customer – 9/2/16

[433MS-SYS] Portable Fall Monitor & Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm System

“This is EXACTLY what we were looking for!  It is perfect for monitoring both my parents at night.”

-Satisfied Customer – 8/30/16 

[433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“Setup was very easy and instructions were clear.  Did a couple of tests to make sure it worked and it worked perfectly.  Even when the alarm was way down the hall and in another room it picked up the signal.  It was low, medium, and high volume so you can use what is appropriate for your situation.” 

-Satisfied Customer – 8/12/16

 [433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“This bed alarm is outstanding.  My husband and I have not had a good night’s sleep since we brought his mother home from the hospital.  She is elderly and a fall risk.  The chime alarm is wonderful and she does not even know we put it on the bed.  I would highly recommend this bed alarm for anyone even if you have small children and you want to know if they get out of bed.” 

-Satisfied Customer – 6/23/16

[433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“It works perfectly.  I can sleep in another room and hear the chime when my 94 year old father attempts to get up.  He doesn’t hear it, which would alarm him.  I can reach my father in time to help him to the bathroom.  I sleep more sound knowing it will always alert me.” 

-Satisfied Customer – 5/30/16

Customer Service

Hello Patricia,

I am just dropping you a quick e-mail to let you know:

– Sales Representative

Your sales representative went way up and beyond to help me. This all started as a little project I wanted to make myself more familiar with your product and I asked her to give me a “cheat sheet” on who goes with who from the sales sheets that were sent to me. Let me tell you the spread sheet she  made for me was WONDERFUL!!!. I called her back and we went over it and she took it on herself to revise it to be a little more print friendly. I just wanted her to get a gold star for her efforts. 

Two other People I worked with:

 These gentlemen also were very nice and helpful and should be given stars as well. It seems you have a very courteous and smart team please let them know. I am in a customer service situation like them and I know sometimes it is not easy to be in that seat so I just wanted them to know they are appreciated.

Evelyn Rohde – Hearmore A Division of Maxiaids

 [BBR1-SYS] Basic Fall Monitor & Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System

“This was purchased for my mom, for dad to be aware and assist her when she gets up during the night.  He has reported that the Smart Caregiver bed alarm works great and is utilized quite often.  Simple to install and provides great peace of mind.”

 -Satisfied Customer – 6/30/16

Distributor In-Service Training

Hi Patricia,

I wanted to give you a personal note on what a great job that Greg Sexton did for our in-service training today.  We have a lot of new staff, both in sales, customer service and delivery and warehouse area, and many of these folks get asked questions for assistance or sales potential for the Smart alarms.  Greg did a great job of explaining the differences, showing us how to up-sell a product, fit the product to the client’s needs and an overall educating us on your product line.  I have had nothing but great comments from my staff and I’m so happy that Smart could take time out of their busy days to help train so many staff members all at once.  For a company, I know that’s not an easy thing to do, but when it happens, it really makes a difference.  Thank you for the personal touch to make our jobs easier and to increase our sales of your product, because we really do like the Smart product!   You have a great personable sales person, one that has truly invested himself on the product and how it works, how to market and sell the product and the benefits and features of the products.  Helping us with marketing materials is appreciated, but helping us understand the products is key to making a good sale tailored to the client.  So often times we get a “one size fits all” kind of presentation, and we are left to our own devices of sorting out what the product features should be.

Leigh A. McNellis – Peaks & Plains Medical, Inc.

[433ECBC1-SYS] Portable CordLess® Alarm with Bed & Chair Sensor Pads

“I have purchased several of these for our assisted living homes they are great.”

-Satisfied Customer – 8/8/16 

Door Systems

Dear Smart Caregiver:
This letter is to thank you for years of innovative products and friendly customer support. As the Corporate Risk Manager for a 600-bed long-term care system, we have found your Door Monitor to be a fantastic tool to assist our staff in their efforts to keep our residents safe. The instruction manuals are written clearly and the items themselves are built tough and are reliable. There are a lot of options out there for facilities looking to upgrade their wandering protection. When you take the time to look at the different systems and technology available in the marketplace today, you will be hard pressed to find a better product at a better price. Thanks again!

Arnie J. Harrison, FLHCRM – Claridge House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Anti-Wandering Solutions

“Again, I would like to praise the SMART elopement system in HCC – it is working CONSISTENTLY and allowing us to better prevent elopement by redirecting residents away from the doors as we are alerted as they approach the exit doors very early on. Great system for the new skilled 16!”

Kristen Weinacker, RN, DON – Clemson Downs

[TL-5102TP] Two Call Button & Pager System

“Best thing ever! It enables me to do other stuff and my 80 years old mother can page me when she needs my assistance.”

Colleen B. – Palm Coast, Fl.

[433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“Works great.  My wife has Alzheimer’s and I need to know when she gets out of bed.  She sleeps 18 hours a day so I need to carry the chime/pager with me around the house and out in the yard.” 

-Satisfied Customer – 6/9/16

Floor Mats

“I love the Floor Mat Sensor Pad with the monitor. My mom would get up in the middle of the night and couldn’t find the bathroom. I wouldn’t sleep well during the night because I was always listening for her. After we started using the mat, I would finally get a good night’s sleep, knowing that I would wake up if she needed me. Even after I would get up and help her, I would go right back to sleep not listening for her quiet shuffling footsteps. I was surprised what a difference it made. And I love the fact it doesn’t go off in her room, only in mine. She frequently asked how I knew when she needed me.
I tried the motion detectors first, one in the bathroom and one down the hall. So if she got up and went to the bathroom- fine, but if she headed down the hall-I had to get up. Later she sometimes would just sit on her bed confused and frustrated because she didn’t know where she was; I felt bad not knowing how long she had been there. But I couldn’t figure out where to position the detector so it wouldn’t go off every time she rolled over. That is when I got the mat and turned off all the other motion detectors.  When Mom moved into an Adult Family Home, I gave them my monitor, pager, mat, and motion detectors. I explained how they worked and the owner decided to buy mats for the other residents, too!”


[433BR1-SYS] Complete CordLess® Bed Exit Monitoring System

“Excellent product for “roving” dementia mom before I got the full bed rails.  I woke up at about 4 am to see mom getting out.  She is unsteady so this thing prevented a bad fall.  Chime is loud and I have it covered with a number of waterproof pads even though it’s plastic.”

-Satisfied Customer – 7/31/16

[TL-2800] Motion Sensor

“I am the 24/7 caregiver for my 85 year-old father and my brother sent us one of your motion detection/alarms via Amazon.com.  It works beautifully.  It responds when there is enough movement and does not respond when there is slight movement.  So, no false alarms.

This is a system with two parts. One detects motion and other sounds an alarm. They are connected wirelessly.

The alarm part is convenient because I can put it someplace where it will wake me, without waking our father.  I’ve found the tiled surfaces of the bathroom amplify the alarm so I can hear it throughout the apartment. And, at night, the alarm is close enough so it wakes me.

Part of the convenience comes from its small size and portability. The apartment is a good place for us because our father can move around on his own, from room to room. When he gets up, the alarm sounds and I move the motion detector to wherever he settles in again.

For what it does, this product is a great value for the price. And, when I figure the cost of new batteries every month, it is still the best value for this kind of product. I know because I comparison shopped Google and Amazon.

Let me explain. As a 24/7 caregiver I do not have much time or energy to go shopping, so I let my computer bring the stores to me. I liked this dual-unit motion detector and alarm so, when I found a use for something similar, I did my research and bought a second one. This one I keep just outside the door to the apartment. It is our automatic door-bell – which is very convenient for home health aides and FEDEX/UPS delivery people.

This set-up works only because the Smart Caregiver Corporation was smart enough to include a switch and two sounds for the alarm.  Now when an alarm goes off I know where the motion was.

Thanks Smart Caregiver Corporation!”