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Mobility Monitoring – Fall Risk Assessment

Smart Fall Monitors can be helpful in creating an accurate picture of a resident’s mobility by notifying caregivers directly whenever they attempt to move about. This behavior can the be easily documented and used to assess a resident’s true mobility.

Fall mobility monitors, in addition to alerting caregivers of situations that could result in a fall, can also help to assess a person’s pattern of movements and activity without direct observation and in an unobtrusive way. New developments in mobility monitors allow caregivers to track a senior’s activities—for example, how many times the senior gets up to go to the restroom and at what time—and accurately assess their needs. – Natalie Miller – See more at: Homecare

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Smart Caregiver specializes in all aspects of seniors fall prevention products and mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet facility solutions. Fall prevention products include: Bed exit alarms, fall prevention alarms for seniors, pull-string fall exit alarm monitors, weight sensing pressure pads for bed, chair. Weight sensing floor mat pads, wheelchair seat belt fall monitors, caregiver paging systems, anti-wandering door systems and motion sensor fall prevention monitors.

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