Pull-String Monitors

Our Pull-String Monitors are designed for use with the provided pull-cord and garment clip.  Simply attach the garment clip to an at-risk individual’s clothing and when they rise to get up, the pull-string will be pulled free of the monitor triggering an alert to notify caregivers that assistance is required.  Pull-String monitors are ideal for chair exit monitoring and are a great alternative to pressure pad systems.




Easy-to-Use™ Lifetime Warranty Pull-String Alarm

“Unbreakable” Pull-String monitor with lifetime warranty!

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Easy-to-Use™ Recordable Voice Dual Fall Alarm

Allows the residents to hear a melody or a familiar voice instead of a frightening alarm sound.

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Easy-to-Use™ Non Magnetic Pull-String Alarm

Non-Magnet Pull-String monitor with separation switch. Pacemaker Safe.

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