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Caregiver Wireless Mobility Monitors Alert

Be notified as resident attempts to get out of bed, up from a chair or leave a room
Motion Sensor Alarm Systems – Anti-Wandering Prevention

These motion sensor fall prevention monitors each have a detecting area to report motion when the passive infrared field is interrupted. When positioned along the bedside, the sensor fall prevention will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed. When positioned by a crucial exit, the fall monitor sensor will alarm as the resident approaches the doorway. An extendable optional bracket is available to help eliminate false alarms.


New! PIR-01 Patented Technology wireless infrared sensor designed for Hospital bed use provides with an early accurate quick warning when resident attempts to leave bed.
The New infrared sensor projects a thin curtain next to the bedside to monitor resident before getting out of the bed.


The Motion Sensor Alarm – TL-2700 is extremely easy to use and install. With a range of 30 feet this compact wireless unit alerts the caregiver when a resident vacates a bed, chair or the caregiver’s designated area.


This wireless sensor and monitor package allows caregivers to be aware of resident movement with the added benefit of having the monitor located outside of the room…


This simple system comes complete with one motion sensor and one Caregiver Pager. The Caregiver Pager has an audible alert and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.

Smart Caregiver Corporation is committed to providing high quality products at the lowest prices.

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Smart Caregiver specializes in all aspects of elderly fall prevention products and mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet facility solutions. Fall prevention products include: Bed Alarms, fall prevention alarms for the elderly, pull-string fall alarm monitors, weight sensing pressure pads for bed, chair. Weight sensing floor mat pads, wheelchair seat belt fall monitors, caregiver paging systems, anti-wandering door systems and motion sensor fall prevention monitors.

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