Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

Motion Sensors For Elders

Be notified as resident attempts to get out of bed, up from a chair or leave a room

These motion sensor fall prevention monitors each have a detecting area to report motion when the passive infrared field is interrupted. When positioned along the bedside, the fall prevention motion sensor will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed. When positioned by a crucial exit, the fall prevention motion sensor will alarm as the resident approaches the doorway. An extendable optional bracket is available to help eliminate false alarms from sheets or bed spreads accidentaly triggering the motion sensors.

Infrared motion sensor activated when resident interrupt laser area and send signal to cordless monitor alerting caregiver - Smart Caregiver - Fall Prevention for the ElderlyPIR-01 Infrared Motion SensorNew! Patented Technology. Instantly alerts caregiver before residents gets out of bed. As soon as the resident swings their foot or leg off the edge of the bed, a wireless signal is sent to a Quiet CordLess® monitor in the hall. The Infrared sensor has a very narrow an accurate field of detection, it’s almost like a curtain of protection alongside the bed.
Portable Caregiver Alarm With Motion Sensor For The ElderlyTL-2700 Motion Sensor with Swivel BracketThe Motion Sensor Alarm – TL-2700 is extremely easy to use and install. This compact wireless unit alerts the caregiver with an audible alarm when a resident vacates a bed, chair o attempts to leave a room. Caregiver can maintain effective awareness of resident activities without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string devices.
Portable Caregiver Alarm With Motion Sensor For The ElderlyTL-2800 Motion Sensor & ReceiverThis Portable Caregiver Alert package allows the caregiver to be in other parts of the house, attending other activities or outside and receive an alert when motion is detected. Setup is quick and easy, just insert batteries and it’s ready to use.
TL-5102MP- Motion Sensor to Pager - Smart CaregiverTL-5102MP Motion Sensor & PagerThe silent resident Exit Alarm eliminates noise at the bedside or in room, that may be bothersome to residents instead only alerting the caregiver through the pager. The Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP Caregiver Pager With Bed Exit Alarm for the elderly alerts the caregiver of the resident’s activity via pager when a resident is about to get up from bed, chair or leave the room.