Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my Central Monitor have numbers scrolling on the screen?
This means your Central Monitor is empty. You will need to program in your components.
Can the cord on the pad be replaced?
We do offer replacement cords on most of our bed pads and floor mats. If your bed pad or floor mat has a breakaway cord a replacement can be ordered. The replacement cord is item RC-02 for the bed pad and RC-FM for the floor mat. Chair pads to not have a replaceable cord.    
Why is my Central Monitor audibly saying a different number than it is showing on the screen?
Your Central Monitor is double programmed. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue is by clearing the Central Monitor and reprogramming all of your components.
How long will my batteries last?
The battery life depends on how often the alarm is set off. We recommend using name brand batteries in your product for the best function. We also offer AC adapters for most of our monitors, please contact us if you have any questions.
What does the flashing middle light on the 433-EC mean?
This flashing middle light indicates that your batteries are low.  
Can I replace the transmitter in my CordLess Floor Mat?
You can purchase a new transmitter for your CordLess Floor Mat, the item code is TM-FM. Please contact your distributor to order.
Can I replace the transmitter in my CordLess Bed or Chair Pad?
The batteries in our chair and bed pads are not replaceable. If your pad is still within its pad life and is not working please call your distributor.  
Where can I get pricing and purchase Smart Caregiver products?
We sell through a network of distributors. Please call customer service (800)650-3637 or fill out the form on our contact page and we can get you in contact with one of our distributors for pricing and ordering.  
How can I program the 433-CMU?
We have an instruction document in pdf file that you can download at: 433-CMU Instructions or watch the programming videos at: 433-CMU Videos You may also call our Customer Service department, We will be more than happy to help you.