FMT-07C CordLess® Floor Mat

Quieter Wireless CordLess Floor Mat Alarm “with no cords” that can send wireless signal to a caregiver pager

Eliminate tripping hazards – No cords between floor mat and fall monitor

Cord Free Weight Sensing Floor Mat Works With Quiet CordLess Fall Alarm, Hallway Alarm and Central Monitor

This CordLess floor mat sends a signal to the Quiet CordLess Fall Alarm using wireless technology that alerts the caregiver with an audible or visual alert. Caregiver can also be alerted by pager when used with a central monitor.
The CordLess Floor Mat can be placed by the bedside or in a doorway. When the resident attempts to get out of bed or leave the room and steps on the floor mat, it will send signal to a monitor to alert the caregiver.
For use with TL-2100G, 433-CMU, 433-EC


    Great for bedsides and doorways – heavy duty, industrial weight floor mat alarm sensor pad with beveled edges and non-slip grip.

  • Easy to use. Just program the floor mat sensor pad to the bed alarm fall prevention monitor, then set the pad on the floor. The resident then stands on the pad which sets the alarm, once weight is removed from the pad the alarm will sound.