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Help Prevent Falls

Weight Sensing Bed Pads, Chair Pads and Floor Mats

Prevent falls and injury by providing an early notification to a caregiver when a person is about to get up or wander. Designed to work with a fall prevention exit alarm monitors, pressure sensing bed pads, chair pads, floor mats and landing mats offer a simple early warning system to help prevent falls.
How they work:
When connected to a fall exit alarm monitor, the pressure pad will trigger the fall alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself; or in the case of floor mats or landing mats, will alarm when pressure is applied to the mat.

Bed & Chair Sensor Pads

Bed and chair Sensor Pads alert caregiver whenever pressure is removed from the sensor pad. When the resident is getting up, the pressure of the pad is removed and the alarm on the fall monitor will sound.

Bed and Chair Pads are easy to clean.
Smart Caregiver offers a variety of bed and chair Bed Alarm Sensor Pads, from Corded to CordLess wireless pad.

Floor Mats

When a resident step onto a floor mat, pressure is applied and the alarm on the fall monitor will sound alerting the caregiver of resident’s mobility.
Floor mats are effective at bedsides and doorways.

Bed, chair and floor mat sensor pads are the best method of caregivers getting an early alert of their residents mobility.

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Smart Caregiver specializes in all aspects of elderly fall prevention products and mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet facility solutions. Fall prevention products include: Bed Alarms, fall prevention alarms for the elderly, pull-string fall alarm monitors, weight sensing pressure pads for bed, chair. Weight sensing floor mat pads, wheelchair seat belt fall monitors, caregiver paging systems, anti-wandering door systems and motion sensor fall prevention monitors.

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