Caregiver Paging Systems

Portable Caregiver Alerts – Pagers

Caregiver Paging Systems

Smart Caregiver Paging Systems are perfect for large or small caregiver facilities and for home care-giving. The caregiver pagers have an audible alarm and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.




*Setup is quick and easy – insert batteries and it’s ready to use

*Quiet at the bedside, chair or in room – No alarming monitors

*Pager w/ two audible alert sounds to choose from can be carried in a pocket and has a clip

*Pager requires (3) AA batteries (included)

*Call buttons may be mounted on a headboard w/ two-sided tape (included) OR can be worn as a pendant around neck w/Lanyard (2) straps (included)

*Two Call Buttons require (1) each A23 batteries (included)

*Range between call buttons and pager is up to 150-300ft depending on environment

*This set works independently. Additional pagers or call buttons cannot be added

TL-5102TP Two Call Button Paging System





*Setup is quick and easy – insert batteries and it’s ready to use

*Quiet at bedside – No alarming monitors

*Motion Sensor Alarm requires (3) AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter

*Range of Exit Alarm Sensor- up to 30ft depending on environment

*Two-sided mounting tape and/or screws (included)

*Pager w/ two audible alert sounds to choose from can be carried in a pocket and has a clip

*Pager requires (2) AA batteries (not included)

*Range of Exit Alarm to Pager-Up to 150ft depending on environment

*Exit Alarm can be placed by bed, chair, doorway or anywhere in the room to monitor residents activity and sends an alert to caregiver’s pager

Caregiver Paging Systems: TL-5102MP - Motion Sensor Pager System


Quiet Alert for when a Resident is about to get up – Wireless Fall Monitor with Caregiver Pager
Monitor can send wireless signal to pager to alert caregiver and be placed at the bedside or on a wheelchair, connected to a corded sensor pad.

Caregiver Paging Systems: TL-2016 Fall Monitor with Wireless signal to Pager


433-CMU Wireless nurse call system and pager notification - Smart Caregiver - Quiet Fall Prevention
Quiet Cordless Alert Nurse Station
Flexible. Ready to Use
nurse call system with caregiver paging. Use one or as many components as you need!

The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurses station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance. Caregiver may also be notified on a pager which displays which sensor activated the alert.
Works with all 433 Wireless Call System and Components.


– The Deluxe Central Monitor Unit can send a signal to a caregiver’s pager.
The Larger Facility Central Monitoring Unit (TL-2015R2) works with a large variety of components which include call buttons, emergency call light, pagers, wireless fall monitor, wireless pressure sensor pads, floor mats and anti-wandering systems like the TL-3005SYSR1 Single Door Monitoring System and the TL-3004SYSR1 – Double Door Monitoring System.
Deluxe Central Monitoring System - Smart Caregiver - Quiet Fall Prevention


Though is not a caregiver paging system, many caregivers like the portability and flexibility of the 433-EC CordLess® monitor.

Low cost solution – The Fall Prevention Alarm 433-EC – Economy CordLess® Alarm provides affordable and effective CordLess®/wireless monitoring. Ideal for home or small facilities. Can also be used as a portable caregiver alert monitor in a group home environment.

Flexible. Use one alarm for multiple components simultaneously.

433-EC Economy CordLess Monitor - Portable Caregiver Alert System