Corded Fall Monitors

Our standard Fall Monitors are designed for use with our Corded Weight-Sensing Bed / Chair Pads & Floor Mats.  Simply plug the sensor pad or mat into the fall alarm and place under an at-risk individual.  When they rise to get up, removing pressure from the connected sensor device, an alert is triggered and the alarm will visually and audibly notify caregivers that assistance is required.




Easy-to-Use™ Bed/Exit Alarm

Basic Bed / Chair Exit Alarm – Lowest Cost Exit Alarm on the Market!

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Easy-to-Use™ Economy Bed/Chair Exit Alarm

Low cost fall monitor with On-Off switch – works great with floor mats and seat belts.

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Easy-to-Use™ TamperProof™ Bed/Chair Exit Alarm

Our most popular fall monitor – easy-to-use and automatically resets when weight is re-applied.

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Easy-to-Use™ Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator

No more writing dates on the pads! Monitor alerts caregiver when pad life is up.

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Easy-to-Use™ Recordable Dual Fall Alarm

Allows the residents to hear a melody or a familiar voice instead of a frightening alarm sound.

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Easy-to-Use™ Quiet Fall Alarm to Pager

Flexible wireless monitor that talks to pagers, central monitors and remote caregiver devices.

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